Sunday, July 1, 2012

Malted Waffles

Since I live a few states away from my parents and the rest of the extended family, when I visit I try to make every second count.  To fit in more time with my niece and nephew, I invite them to stay over my parents with me for a sleepover to watch movies and catch up.  And, of course, with any good sleepover, there must be a breakfast plan. Since my parents have a waffle maker (and I do not) AND my dad is a malt powder fanatic, I knew the malted waffles from my Baked: Explorations cookbook would be a great fit.

I don't have kids of my own, so maybe when I do I will not be able to affirm the following sentence: I love cooking with kids! Maybe not all kids are like this, but my niece and nephew love to help in the kitchen.  They can't wait to measure out the flour and pour it in the bowl.  And stirring- well that is the best to them. 

We had a great time making the waffles.  It's a pretty simple recipe, so we didn't have any problems.  We used my parents Belgian waffle maker, which made huge, fluffy waffles.  They had a good taste, and the kids loved putting unnecessary toppings on them (check out the blueberry whipped cream waffle!).  I would definitely make them again if I had a waffle iron and malt hanging around my house.  My nephew was very impressed with the waffles.  Whenever visits my mom, he asks if they can make waffles like the time with Aunt Jen :)

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