Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chocolate Whoopie Pies

I enjoy baking for others, so I offered my husband's World History students the chance to pick any recipe out of the Baked Explorations book for me to bake for their end of semester party.  They chose Chocolate Whoopie Pies which was a great choice (especially for transportation and serving!).  The kids loved them, and I thought they were good, however, I had a few notes that I think could make them better.  I didn't think the pies were as chocolaty as they could have been (maybe it was the quality of the cocoa powder I used).  I also thought the filling was too buttery.  I would have almost loved the marshmallow icing (AKA Angel's Frosting) from the Devil's Food Cake recipe.  Other than that, I enjoyed baking these.  I used a tablespoon scoop with a release mechanism to make measuring the pies AND scooping the frosting.  I highly recommend investing in one- I use it frequently for scooping cookie dough quickly on the pan as well as measuring the peanut butter mixture for buckeyes.  Another thing about this recipe: it made a lot more than I expected (I used 1 tbs for the pies) It made around 20 small pies.  I also had lots of filling left over (note: don't overfill the pies because the soft filling will squish out on the first bite). I can't wait to try the red velvet whoopie pies!

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